SRE Solutions has led the expansion of the off-grid solar product market in Pakistan through its Retail Distribution Network and Digital Channels, developing the off grid solar industry in Pakistan from its early days and establishing market leadership. As a result, SRE Solution is the first choice company for Microfinance Bank’s and one of the most trusted brands in the business. SRE Solutions leads the way with a two-year warranty on every product, and customer care through field-based staff, marketing materials, and 24/7 call centers.

SRE solutions ‘Solar Home System’ is one of the best solar power grids for your home or business. It is bundled with Lights, Fans T.V and other useful Home appliances which is supported by our solar financing and Pay-as –you-go technology allowing you to pay in easy monthly installments. This modern, efficient energy solution includes Solar panels, gel batteries ,control panel, lights and fans. The basic system can coupe up with other limited D/C appliances. However, SRE solution can provide you with customize package plan according your demand.

Products & Solutions

Solar Lantern

This is a pico-power standalone solution which can provide a basic energy access level. E.g. lighting, mobile charging etc. The product has batteries/inverters/charge controllers integrated within the product. However, the solar panel can be integrated or separate, depending on the power of the lantern. Generally, the panel wattage is <10W.

Solar Home System

Portable: This is a system which can power appliances like fans etc (and other low power appliances). The panel is separate from the product. This in most of the cases has the battery bank/charge controllers/inverters integrated in a separate casing. The battery capacity is higher than the lanterns and the solution wattage can go up to 100W.
Fixed: The system installed domestically which can be customized as per the customer requirements. There are external batteries used in this case normally dry cell etc.


This refers the installations done at a higher scale where the power requirement is measured in kW or MW. Normally done for industrial clients, corporate organizations etc. The entire solution is customized as per the client’s requirement. The panels require greater space as compared to the domestic solutions or SHS.

Pay As You Go

  • Generally referred to as PAYGO.
  • It is generally done for the low power wattage solutions, where a small amount is paid upfront and the remainder is done in installments sent digitally through telecom financial services.
  • The devices are connected to the server to log the payments, the connection can be through a GSM SIM embedded in the system or a microcontroller connected through a cloud to the server. This enables the sellers to switch off the device remotely in the event of non-payment.
  • Once the price of the product is paid off, the device can be activated for entire product life and the customer is not required to pay any further.